WP_20170104_18_56_49_ProInternational Organisation for Migration (IOM) and other relevant stakeholders in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda show that HIV and AIDS prevention and response for the entire population is viewed as a priority for government and non-governmental partners. In Uganda key national documents highlight mobile populations such as truckers, fisherfolk and sex workers as key populations to prioritize in the HIV prevention efforts. Indeed, migrants and migration-affected communities have been identified as critical target groups in some national and regional responses to HIV and AIDS. A number of factors such as stigma, immigration status, language barriers (68% of respondents in Uganda. (PHAMESA Baseline survey, 2013), and cost prevent migrants from accessing quality health care. The provision of services in other languages and the presence of health workers from migrant communities are mentioned as potential solutions to this issue (IOM, 2013a).

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project was to ensure that migrants and migration affected communities have unhindered access and utilize migration sensitive health services along the transport corridors based on Public Health and community development approaches.

 Project Specific Objectives

  1. To increase knowledge of migrants and migrant affected communities on their right to health and health related rights, priority diseases and available health services
  2. To strengthen the capacity of migrant sensitive health service provision in health centres and communities in Bweyale.
  3. Increase the capacity of partner health service providers in Bweyale to deliver migration-sensitive health services to improve the health of migrants and migrants affected communities.
  4. Strengthen the referral systems (health and non-health) to ensure that those referred have access to health services.

Main AWP_20170104_18_54_11_Proctivties           

  1. Conducted a Baseline Survey to identify drivers and benchmarks to inform planning and implementation of the program among the migrants and the migrant afffected communities in Bweyale, Kasensero landing site and Mutukula Border point.
  2. Mobilised for awareness creation the migrant and host community population.
  3. Conducted 100 door to door, 150 market stall to market stall, 250 individuals to individual information dissemination sessions to sensitise migrant and community population on their health rights, priority diseases and available services.
  4. In consultation with the migrants and the affected communities, developed, printed and distributed acceptable BCC messages and or materials (200 Reflector Jackets for boda bodas, 01 Drama Skits, 05 Recorded DVDs for play) for awareness creation on migrant health rights, priority diseases and available services.