Older people have always played a significant role in society as leaders, caretakers and custodians of tradition. Yet they are also highly vulnerable, with many suffering from discrimination, social and economic exclusion, language barrier, aging challenges and isolation. As health care improves, the population of older people is growing. Their needs are also growing, as are their contributions to the world. Today we commemorate the International day of the Refugees older persons as InterAid Uganda at Nsamby Gogonya one of our community centers. As they age, their greatest issue that they face becomes health. For that matter, Interaid Uganda has taken a step and held a health camp for the older persons on their day. In this camp a number of health services have been given to them and these include; eye care services where those with eye problems have been given free glasses, cancer screening for cervical, breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and pressure screening and finally distribution of drugs. As away of giving back to the community, we have also given a few services to the young women, men and children. These include; family planning, counseling, HIV Aids test and immunization to the young children. Special thanks goes to KCCA, Authopedic clinic Mulago, Jpiego and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau and Uganda Cancer Institute for providing these services.

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