Switching over to reusable Pads is a subject worth re-visiting again, many years ago this was the case. However times have changed and disposable pads are the in thing. The question is, are they Eco-friendly and affordable? Think about it; what happens next when we finish using them, does everyone dispose them off correctly or it is done anyhow? How much do you spend on the disposable pads every year?  Many gals in school cannot even afford these Pads. If we develop a positive attitude towards the reusable pads, then we shall have solved many problems. Most importantly gals failing to go to school because they cannot afford pads. We need to join Afripads and embrace the idea of reusable, Eco-friendly and affordable pads. It was such a wonderful moment with Afripads when they took us around their factory in Masaka kitengesa where the brains behind this idea of reusable pads in Uganda have decided to put their home.


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