In 2019 InterAid Uganda is embracing the Community Based Protection Strategy or approach of taking services nearer to Refugees & Host community. Especially the PoCs who have difficulties in accessing services at Public, Private, faith based centers & Inter Aid Program office.
Community Based Approach involves a Multi sectrol Service provision where we have our health unit providing HIV Aids screening (counseling and testing for HIV Aids then referring all cases identified for care.), reproductive health (Health educated all women in reproductive age and screened mothers for danger signs in pregnancy then supported them with risk pregnancy.) , nutrition (Screened out children under five for malnutrition.) and primary health care (screened adults for none communicable diseases that is high blood pressure and diabetes).
Secondly community services section providing (PSN, Education, Youth and Child Protection services). During this service delivery to the community, we also listened to the person’s of concern accessing these services so far in order to find out where the gaps are then guided them. We also dispensed the missing medications on spot, picked the pending medical investigations for support later. All our clients unable to reach our offices are reached out in the different communities where they stay.

The main objective of the Community Based Protection that we are carrying out is:

To Increase Refugee access to services at Inter Aid Uganda.

To strengthen coordination between Inter Aid Uganda (IAU), Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

To promote interpersonal relationships with PoC’s within the Refugee and Host community.

In this way we were able to achieve the following:

Know the presenting issues affecting their community to enable Inter Aid Uganda, Office of the Prime minister and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee plan effectively on how to support.

Listen to them and understand the challenges there are facing and suggest solutions on how to handle them.

Summary observations

Majority of them are not Registered Refugees (Not registered with Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

They lacked information on Operation (Not aware of their Rights and Obligations).

Some have Ugandan National ID’s (Registered as Ugandan Nationals) i.e. Lilija Julius with card No. CM85047107JN5E.


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