During the 5th monthly meeting

During the 5th monthly meeting with LC1 chairpersons in Kampla, LC1 chairpersons from Lubaga Division reported that InterAid holding meetings with them has sensitized them on how to mobilize citizens on how to coexist with refugees. Refugees are able to receive fair justice at LC1 level and also participate in other village programs. InterAid Uganda holds quarterly meetings with LC1 Chairpersons of Lubaga Division to not only advocate to promote service to refugees at the same level as Ugandans, but also lobby them to involve refugees in community activities and promote their coexistence with the host community. At this meeting of Thursday, 1st August 2013, Madam Scholastica Nasinyama continued to lobby LC’s to serve refugees. “As LC1 chairpersons and on behalf of Government you have the responsibility to serve refugees like you do Ugandans”, She said. Asked on intermarriage between Ugandans and refugees, the Executive Director said, this happens and is okay as long as marriage is based on mutual agreement. She however, cautioned that there are reports by refugee women of sexual exploitation by landloards and or other men only to abandon, deny and even forcefully evict them when they conceive or demand fair/equal treatment.

The legal officer Ms Prossy Lamunu called on LCs to apply the law across the board, and requested the LC chairpersons to continuously sensitize the host population to stop discrimination against refugees.

The Child counselor, Ms Juliet Nakiwala urged the LC chairpersons to use their offices of secretary for children to ensure protection of all children including refugee children against any child harm/abuse.

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