InterAid uganda, Health Marketing Group (UHMG) Partnership

In an effort to increase access to health services for Persons of Concern (PoC), InterAid has partnered with the Uganda Health Marketing Group(UHMG) for technical assistance and support. UHMG is to support the “Good life Clinic” at the Urban Refugee Programme Office, through which quality integrated HIV Counseling and Testing services as per approved Ministry of Health(MOH) guidelines will be provided. The services to be offered at the Good Life Clinic therefore will include;

•Quality Health Education

•Post-test counseling, HIV counseling through Provider initiated counseling and testing

•Non-facility HCT(outreach, moonlight and mobile)

•STD/STI screening and treatment

•Reproductive health and Child Health

•Referral and linkage of both HIV positive and negative clients to prevention, care treatment and support services.

Thursday 15th August 2013 started in a unique way with the UHMG Mobilization Van stationed at the IAU Urban Refugee Office to continue to invite in PoC and nationals to access the various services that UHMG staff had come to provide.

Over 246 PoC with 29 nationals accessed HIV counseling and testing, family planning services and 04 accessed free male circumcision. Appreciating IAU for the partnership with UHMG, one female refugee beneficiary also challenged IAU to go that extra mile and increase access to ARV treatment for PoC, in addition to the provision of food for those very vulnerable persons living with HIV. “Thank you for the treatment and care, but please continue to find more help so that you can fully cater for those extremely sick persons, don’t abandon them” Said the Congolese lady.

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