World Mental Health Day 2018

IMG-20181001-WA0052InterAid Uganda (IAU) is the implementing Partner for Kampala Urban under the Tripartite Agreement with Government of Uganda, Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and, UNHCR Urban Refugee Program. The multi-sectoral enjoys a Conducive policy environment reflected in the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) and UNHCR Protection and Solutions strategy (STA) that seeks to increase protection and resilience of refugees, asylum seekers and host community in and around Kampala.

Using a rights based approach, IAU supports PoC access to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Heath Care for Urban PoC and refereed cases to Urban from settlements .Access to Health services in the Urban is facilitated by a fully flagged Mental Health Support program implemented in collaboration with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Health Facilities,Mental Health Clinic (MHC) at Mulago Hospital, Butabika Hospital, Health centers, where our refugees get mental health services, awareness outreach programs conducted with local Authorities and Refugee leaders in the communities.

INTERAID Uganda’s health program support includes; Psychiatric and general Medicines, medical Investigations, Psychosocial support Counseling, Rehabilitation services, Feeding, Referral back to the settlement (Discharge and Dead), Link Urban refugees to various care points, and Host Referred cases at Medical Hostel. IAU works with a team of trained Community Health Volunteers staff, as well as Interpreters for the different nationalities, and conducts follow up of patients during and after treatment

Psychiatric patients from Urban and those referred from refugee settlements all over Uganda, regional referral mental health units are handled by the IAU Mental Health professional teamas follows;
• -Visiting Psychiatrist. Twice a week
• -Visiting Psychologist. Once a week.
• -Full time psychiatric nurse.
• -Full time psychosocial counselor.

Majority of the cases attended to at IAU arePost TraumaticStress Disorder(PTSD),however other Mental Health Disorders are also received. In 2018 January to date The Health Unit has handled over 1600 Patients, and out of these 400 underwent rehabilitation programme.

Mental Health Day 2018.

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