16 Days Of Activism November 2018

On 4/12/2018 InterAid Uganda together with UNHCR Uganda organized the celebration of 16 Days Of Activism and were joined by Refugee Law Project (RLP), NRC, Equity Bank Uganda, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Office of the Prime Minister. There was a match from Old Kampala to the venue at old Kampala Secondary School. The celebration was officially opened by the Executive Director InterAid Uganda under the theme; “End Gender Based Violence at work”.

SAM_3502In his speech he requested all the service providers when called upon next year, to kindly respond positively and organize such events with us to make it more meaningful. The action points in his speech were, to promote awareness among the employees to prevent violence against women and dangers of Gender Based Violence at work, secondly, employers to develop concrete policies and procedures against all forms of violence and harassment at work and establish a mechanism for women to turn to if they are assaulted and attacked at work. He also asked sister implementing partners to actively stand against all forms of violence, continuously organizing events such as this one to fight against violence against women, to work with Government to enforce laws that protect women against violence. The Representative Of The Commissioner For Gender and Women Affairs gave a speech and some of the highlights in his speech were; he encouraged the campaign should continue even after the 16 days of activism to fight this issue.He added that the campaign started in 1981 and it continues up to today.

The National launch has taken place today on 5/12/2018 at the National Theatre. Why this day? To raise arenas as a human rights issue, as a pubic health issue economic and social issue at family and national levels, Provide a forum for dialogue and strategy on good practices for preventing and responding against Gender Based violence. To demonstrate the solidarity of women and men to address gender based violence. However its not Only women but also boys and men are affected. To strengthen local initiatives and networks of stake holders to address Gender based violence. To advocate for action by government, parliament , religious leaders, cultural institutions and civil society organizations so that we can work together to address Gender Based Violence but also provides the opportunity for all the stakeholders to assess progress in actions being taken to address Gender Base Violence.

The international theme was to “prevent gender based violence in work places” and the national theme was also adapted from that. Theme was to put emphasis on work places as an important environment that needs to be safe fr everyone. 56% of the women have experienced physical violence and more than one women in five aged 15 to 49 report to have experienced sexual violence. What has government done about this tragedy? The legal and policy framework against gender based violence that government has put is very strong and other laws that have been put in place include Domestic Violence Act 2010, Prevention of trafficking of persons Act 2009, Employment Act specifically the Sexual harassment regulation of 2012. The Government Of Uganda also works closely with the International and regional bodies to ensure that issues of sexual Harassment are addressed. The Government representative emphasized that these campaigns should be translated into the local languages.

The women are encouraged to become self reliant because one of the causes of SGBV against women is being dependent on men. Challenges there is uneven participation in the labour market most women get lower positions at work and this one has forced people in authorities to abuse them, the limited bargaining power of workers to bargain together for better working conditions is another problem.
The Assistant Refugee law project to gave brief speech and in this, his emphasis was for people to speak out, there is no room for observation. Had a number of performances and the celebrations ended.


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