InterAid/UNHCR distributes planting materials to Refugees in Kiryandongo



As the rainy season kicks off in most parts of the country, Refugees in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement  have received planting materials from InterAid/UNHCR. The Planting materials include 6 kilograms of Maize and 3 kilograms of beans for each family.

According to Simon Amani, InterAid Uganda’s Livelihood officer in Kiryandongo, the distribution exercise is targeting 1000 households. It aims at supplementing the food supply as well as bringing extra income to the households.

“We are running away from the dependency syndrome. The current supply targets new arrivals from September 2015 to March 2016 who are already resettled in the camp. Those who got last season shall not get because we believe they kept some seeds for planting this season,” Amani said this while distributing the seeds at   Magamaga Trading centre on Friday.

Amani discouraged the refugees from selling the seeds because they are meant to boost food production for the families. “Sometimes, there are delays in food supply and distribution but with the supplementary food production families can still have food to feed on until the next distribution,” he said.  “If you are found selling these seeds in the market, you will be arrested. If you are not ready to plant them, leave them for those who are ready,” Amani added.


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