InterAid Uganda carries out community outreach in Bondeko Refugee Community

InterAid Uganda, 6th – 10th August 2012

This week the Urban refugee Program me office saw several activities ranging from the daily briefs, community outreach programs to informing the UNHCR Global Education strategy. In this meeting, education stake holders presented a number of issues in the education sector at different levels – pre- primary, primary, secondary not forgetting special needs education.Many issues such as Child labour, unregistered refugee children, special needs children facilities, refugee child parents and skills development issues emerged.

Stake holders in this meeting realized the need of joining hands in the education sector especially to address the refugee issues in schools and also share best practices for improvement of education for refugees, and their harmonious co existence with the local population.Community volunteers were part of the teams that were consulted for the UNHCR Global Education strategy. See Pictures of Monday, 6th August 2012

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