InterAid Uganda carries out community outreach in Bondeko Refugee Community

InterAid Uganda, 6th – 10th August 2012

During this holiday period as IAU reaches out to refugee children for child protection awareness , and life skills, through its Outreach desk, we have also with the help of KCCA Health Centre IV in Kisenyi organized to provide immunization to children under 5 years in various communities where refugees reside. With the help of 2 Nurses from KCCA Health Centre IV in Kisenyi, 31 children (11 boys, 20 girls) below the age of five (5) in Bondeko Community were immunized for polio and measles and were also given vitamin A supplements. 

Another 100 people in attendance were de – wormed and they included 72 children and 18 adults. 19 Ugandan Children with the help of the LC1 Chairperson received de – worming tablets. Tetanus vaccine was administered to 15 girls who were above the age of 15 and 5 men, 3 people tested for HIV and these included one couple, 45 people were tested for anemia and they included 2 expectant mothers, and another 2 lactating mothers. The team also carried out group counseling for all the 72 children, 17 of whom were out of school. See this outreach in pictures

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