InterAid Uganda attends HIV and AIDS workshop

Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda, 14th – 15th August 2012

This workshop was organized by Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC) and two members of staff (the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and the Programm officer) represented InterAid Uganda. The Objectives of the workshop were; to share/disseminate the National AIDS Policy, Plan, Strategic documents developed to guide the National HIV and AIDS response. Its Specific objectives included; presenting and discussing the National AIDS Policy, presenting and discussing the National Strategic Plan (NSP), Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (MEP) and the National Priority Action Plan (NPAP),understanding stakeholders roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the NSP.

Participants were given copies of the policy documents that included the NPAP 2011/13; the NMEP 2011-2015; UNAP 2011; National HIV Prevention Action Plan 2011/13; National HIV Prevention Strategy 2011/15; NSP 2011/15; Status of HIV prevention Policies and Programs in Uganda, Review Report 2011; and the UAC News quarterly bulletin January-Marcy 2012. All these documents are also available at the UAC Website www:http// Various facilitators presented the Policy documents and discussions/comments were made after every presentation. Four Groups were done for each key thematic areas of the NSP i.e. (i) Prevention; (ii) Care and Treatment; (iii) Social Support and Protection; and (iv) Systems strengthening. Each group was assigned the thematic area to discuss the priority activities for each strategic action in the respective thematic area, indentify the priority areas for implementation during the remaining 12 months, identify the implementation challenges and suggest the solutions and partners and partnership networks/strategies to support the implementation. Presentations were done by each group and comments made during the presentations.Way forward The following were recommended to all participants as the way forward before workshop close to be done by each participating organization.

  1. Hold discussions within the organizations to disseminate the documents to staff.
  2. Develop a Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS for the organization aligned to the NSP
  3. Carry out quarterly review meetings in the implementation on HIV and AIDS activities in the organization and;
  4. Prepare annual reports on the HIV and AIDS activities implemented in each organization.

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