InterAid Uganda joins Uganda and the whole world to commemorate World Aids Day at Kayunga district under the theme; “EMPOWERING YOUNG PEOPLE TO CHAMPION THE END OF NEW HIV INFECTIONS.” His excellence the vice president of the republic of Uganda Hon. Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi was the chief guest of the day. The battle against HIV/Aids is still on and unfortunately many youth especially the men do not know their HIV status, those who know are still leaving in denial and don’t take drugs. Yes, the women are more vulnerable to HIV infections but we need the men to get involved in the fight against HIV Aids. Let us as youth champion the fight against AIDS in order to achieve a 0 new infections by 2030. People need space especially the youth to express themselves about HIV AIDS virus in order to be aware and informed about this delay killer disease. Many things cause us to get infected with HIV Aids and some of the greatest causes are poverty leading to SGBV, alcoholism, Drug Abuse and moral decay. We are called upon to watch all these behavior to put an end to HIV AIDS infections. AIDS has become a sleeping giant which is even more dangerous now. We need to remind ourselves that HIV is still there therefore, the fight and struggle against AIDS still continues but it cannot be won by an individual or a single institution, instead all us should be involved. The stigma, negative attitude towards HIV infected people, traditional practices like wife sharing or having many sexual partners and many others should come to an end for us to achieve the 0 new infections strategy by 2030. We should also spread the good news through media, phones and movies as a way of achieving the 0 new infection strategy by 2030.

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