InterAid Uganda and the refugee children have joined the UNHCR initiative “You Can Do It” to contribute to encourage those children participate in their protection. Refugee children too have a right to protection from Abuse, exploitation, a right to proper growth and development, and a right to participation. It is on this note that IAU, Urban Refugee Programme Child desk together with UNHCR Community Services staff organized an afternoon session on Tuesday 13/8/2013 with refugee children categorized under the ages of 6-9 years, 10-14 years and 15-17 years and listen to the children dialogue on the protection risks that they face, in addition to strategies, life skills that they themselves, can apply to mitigate the risks. The children also suggested measures that should be promoted to help reduce on some of the protection risks they face. For example access to quality and safe education for all of them was key among the protection tools they suggested.

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