Urban Refugees Making the best out of their situation


Buchendi family,an Urban Refugee family operating a successful  business

Being an Urban Refugee is entirely one’s choice. You make the choice to defy all odds and settle in the Urban without the basic support that is offered in the settlement. You look for your own shelter,food,clothing and education which are not so much of a big challenge in case you live in the settlement since you are apportioned land to help you kick start. However, as many are failing to cope with the expectations of life in the Urban setting some families and individuals have registered great success stories and inspired other refugees to look at the urban as an option. They have also proved to the world that being a refugee is not the end of the world but a start to new beginnings. Click on this link to read their story:         https://www.equaltimes.org/does-uganda-s-open-door-policy-on?lang=en#.WjjNdHlRXIV

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