Urban Refugees Making the best out of their situation

Being an Urban Refugee is entirely one's choice. You make the choice to defy all odds and settle in the Urban without the basic support that is offered in the settlement. You look for your own shelter,food,clothing and education which are not so much of a big challenge in case you live in the settlement since you are apportioned land to help you kick start. However, as many are failing to cope with the expectations of life in the Urban setting some families and individuals have registered gr...

About Us

Background: Established in 1988, InterAid Uganda (IAU) is a Non-Governmental Organization, registered with the Ugandan National NGO Board. InterAid Uganda works to contribute to the UNHCR vision to see that “Refugees are protected by Government of Uganda, live in safety and dignity with the host communities and progressively attain lasting solutions” through comprehensive protection strategies, that the Urban Refugee Multi – sectoral Programme continues to implement. The evolution of IAU dates...