Urban Refugees Making the best out of their situation

Being an Urban Refugee is entirely one's choice. You make the choice to defy all odds and settle in the Urban without the basic support that is offered in the settlement. You look for your own shelter,food,clothing and education which are not so much of a big challenge in case you live in the settlement since you are apportioned land to help you kick start. However, as many are failing to cope with the expectations of life in the Urban setting some families and individuals have registered gr...

US Mission visits schools supported by UNHCR through InterAid Implementation

On 15th September two public schools;Kitebi Primary and Kitebi Secondary Schools where privileged to host a mission from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that funds education programs through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees which are implemented by InterAid Uganda. The schools that were excited to receive the visitors who included; Ms. Lisa and Ms. Kelly both from the USAID in Washington, alongside Mrs..Jean Woynicki from US Mission in Ugand...

Thousands join Uganda to celebrate World Refugee Day 2017

Partners, friends, family, the Refugee community and host community came together on the 20th of June 2017 to celebrate the lives of Refugees, in commemoration of World Refugee Day 2017. The day, which started off at 8:30Am with a match from InterAid Uganda that was flagged off by the European Union Ambassador Mr. Kristian Schmidt as the chief walker alongside the UNHCR Uganda Country Representative Mr. Bornwell Kantande, attracted thousands of Refugees and other friends, well-wishers and pa...

Training for Refugee Youth in ICT Skills

KCCA Employment Service Bureau in partnership with InterAid Uganda are giving an opportunity to 20 refugee youth, between the age of 18 - 35 years to participate in the Information and computer Technology (ICT) skills development and mentorship programme. The first co-het of 20 participants has been shortlisted from the different refugee nationalities, and will undergo session classes in the mid-morning for the period of seven weeks, after which another co-het will be selected for the training p...